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There are three stages to getting your company certified to ISO 9001:

  • Create it
  • Use it then
  • Certify it

Let's start with the creation phase:

PLANNING  - The Rule of Three 


We need to work together in order to create the necessary procedures and forms. This process can be speeded up if you already the makings of a system in place.

Failing that, I simply need access to the people who know how the relevant processes work so I can create the necessary flowcharted procedures. Along the way we collate existing forms that you use or create them if you haven't got them.

We put a manual together so you have a simple overview document that is really useful to give staff an understanding of the system. It can also be a great marketing tool to give to prospective clients. 

Yes, I know the 2015 version allows you to forego the manual and the mandatory 6 QA procedures but I work on the basis that they still have a value to the organisation, but at the end of the day it's your call.

​Finally, a third tier might be introduced if you feel the business would benefit from detailed work instructions or standard operating procedures. These are often associated with complicated processes like working a machine or data input  that might fall over if there were no instructions available for staff to follow.

​It is your choice as to whether you have a fully hard copy system, electronic via an intranet/ server or a mixture of the two. The intranet is something I can create if that is what you want to use.


The second phase is where you launch the system and start to follow it. You should conduct an awareness session for all staff on the subject and get them to use the forms to record the relevant data in relation to order processing.  The people looking after the system need to commence internal audits, resolve any corrective actions and compile data for objectives.


I will have given you thee quotes from UKAS accredited certification bodies. Whoever you select will arrange two audits, stage 1 and state 2.

Stage 1

This occurs early in phase 2 to check that the system is intact. They will want a look round, agree the scope and may look at any audits you have done to date as well.

Stage 2

Some 4 - 6 months down the line they will return for a full site(s) audit to go through the whole system. This is where they can ask anybody about how they control their particular process.

You need to be aware that you must have done ALL your internal audits and held a Management Review meeting before the stage 2 date. Whether assistance is given on some or all of the above aspects will depend on the package you select on the Pricing page.