​I respect that you may have resources to handle some of the requirements in getting a QMS installed in your organisation so offer three fixed price packages - silver, gold and platinum.


Creation of hard copy or electronic QMS

Training of nominated member of staff as a competent auditor

(If you have nobody available for this role I can do the audits as part of the Gold package)

​Awareness session for all staff 

​Obtain three quotes

​Subscribe QA staff to 9001 blog

​Create intranet and newsletter


As above plus:

Chairing first Management Review meeting

Issuing minutes and corrective action reports

Retrieving data for objectives

Conducting trend analysts for objectives

Assisting with approved suppliers list. training records

and calibration register

Granting access to "9001 - The Collection" training videos

Controlling procedure and form amendments


As above plus:

Attendance at both the stage 1 and stage 2 audits

Mentoring QA staff

The pricing for each option will be bespoke to the needs and requirements of your organisation. They are offered on the following terms:

30% deposit

30% interm payment

40% final payment

This way you have clear visibility as to your cashflow liability over the period of the contract. There are no awkward negations over number of days as I simple work those necessary to get you from A to B.


If you send through your deposit within the 30 day terms of the quote you will receive:

A free copy of the standard worth £114

​An unlicensed copy of the QuickStart Guide to distribute amongst staff

A 5% reduction in the fee

pricing - a fixed price to get you from 'a' to 'b'

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