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timescale - no quick fix


On the basis that an organisation can accommodate me for a day a fortnight this phase takes a few weeks.  I have no problem working quicker (subject to availability) but remember you need to learn and complete the tasks I set you at a faster rate whilst still running your business.


​Certification bodies need a minimum of three months data but no more than six before the stage 2 audit. Any longer than that and they might request you go through the stage 1 audit again. Under exceptional circumstances this might take less time. 


​Certification bodies must comply with their accreditation status from UKAS by following the guidelines for the number of days needed on stage 1 and 2 audits. This will depend on the number of staff, number of sites and activities undertaken.

​Whilst this suggests a consistent approach you will find that certification bodies all work in different ways - yes somewhat ironic I know. However, I will sift through all that at the time when I get your three quotes so you don't have to worry about "getting the best deal"


​The most important thing to grasp as you see the above timescales is the need to keep the momentum going. A start - stop approach makes it difficult for all parties. Even if it means you are just doing the minimum, a little and often goes a long way! Also remember to allow time for you to complete all your internal audist and a management review before the stage 2.


Those people who say they can get you a system and have it certified in 90 days invariable leave you with all the work to do.

​Also their "one size fits all" approach is a recipe for disaster. Every company is different and so the QMS must respect this.

We will have created a system that reflects how you operate and made sure you understand how to use it.

This investment in time is reflected in what follows so you end up with an effective system that will give your business real gains rather than just a certificate on the wall.